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Concert Reviews - Christmas Concert 2012
147th Season
Saint-Saëns ~ Christmas Oratorio
Geoffrey Bush ~ Christmas Cantata
Carols for Choir and Audience

Derby Cathedral,
22nd. December, 2012
Conducted by Richard Dacey

Here is some feeback from members of the audience:

[The concert] was excellent – both the choir and the soloists – and the programme.
Wonderful start to Christmas.

Sue Clithero

We thought the first half of the concert was fantastic, and lovely to have some participation too! [Had to leave at the interval because of the floods.]
If we are free for the Spring concert we'd love to attend.
Thank you again, and Happy Christmas.

I McLeod

We both enjoyed [the concert] very much, particularly the Christmas Cantata. Throughout the concert, it was a fine well balanced sound from the choir, particularly in the dramatic sections, and the well chosen soloists complemented each other beautifully.

There were those in the choir who watched the conductor, and it was easy to see from their happy faces how much they enjoyed singing. There were those who may also have enjoyed singing, but as we couldn't see their faces, we weren't to know!

The new uniform looks very good, not too plain and not too fussy. Well done the Dress Committee.

Looking forward to the B Minor Mass in April.
Jenny and Tony Jaggers

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Diana Palmerston
Diana Palmerston

Jeanette Ager
Jeanette Ager

Sarah Dacey
Sarah Dacey
Martin Hindmarsh
Martin Hindmarsh

Alan Fairs
Alan Fairs

Tom Corfield
Tom Corfield

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